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May 6, 2013 – (My first post, taken from my own website – – please visit! Text in italics is generally commentary from me.)  The national and international news about trees is often discouraging, as governments sacrifice their forests to heartless (and apparently brainless) corporations for profit.  This week I’m highlighting 2 organizations that are city/community based.IMHO, “We The People” isn’t just about rights, it’s about taking steps to ensure that we have the future we want; taking responsibility for the lives of our children and our communities, and preserving and protecting (and in some cases, rebuilding) the natural environments that are so critical to the survival of … well … everything. 

Schematic plan - Seattle, WA

Schematic plan – Seattle, WA

Beacon Food Forest – Seattle, WA

Our goal is to design, plant and grow an edible urban forest garden that inspires our community to gather together, grow our own food and rehabilitate our local ecosystem.
Our goals are similar to the current Food Action Initiative supported by Seattle City Council members and include improving Public Health, reducing climate impact, and improving the security of our food supply.
The Beacon Food Forest is the work of a dedicated group of volunteers in partnership with the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. We work to create an edible forest of fruit and nut trees along with P-Patches to create a local source of food for the neighborhood. We welcome the participation of all cultures and the sharing of gardening knowledge from around the world.
The 7-year Plan: Harrison Design is the landscape architect for this innovative project for the neighborhood of Beacon Hill, located in the heart of Seattle. The goal of the Beacon Food Forest is to bring this richly diverse community together in fostering a Permaculture Tree Guild approach to urban farming and land stewardship. The design of this seven-acre site provides opportunities for cultural exchange and understanding, for education and recreation. The Food Forest includes an Edible Arboretum with fruits gathered from regions around the world, a Berry Patch for canning, gleaning and the joy of eating right off the bush, a Nut Grove with tress that provide both shade and sustenance, a Community Garden using the p-patch model where families can grow their own food, and a Kids Area. Living Gateways will connect and serve as portals between areas.
Please visit our web site for more information:

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These next folks are making a concerted community effort to bring Baltimore back to being a people-friendly town, and that includes greenery! It’s been hard work for them, but they have seen results. For ideas about what you could do in your community, I recommend a visit to their website: to hear what they have to say, and they have a downloadable PDF brochure. There are many cities and towns whose communities could actually become communities again, to make a place for future generations to grow up with a sense of hope and purpose. That’s the real way to win the war on drugs.

Parks & People
The Parks & People Foundation – Baltimore, MD

Since 1984, the Parks & People Foundation has worked to improve the quality of life in Baltimore’s neighborhoods. [We are] dedicated to supporting a wide range of recreational and educational opportunities; creating and sustaining beautiful and lively parks; and promoting a healthy natural environment for Baltimore.
Our staff, volunteers and partners in the community have developed innovative solutions to issues facing our city including the restoration of our neighborhoods and their natural resources as well as the academic enrichment and motivation of our children.
In order to realize our vision of a healthy environment where people live, work, learn and play, we have formed a strategy targeting two major fields of endeavor:
Great Parks, Clean Streams & Green Communities – Helping to improve the physical, social and environmental quality of neighborhoods through greening activities and forming networks among communities to sustain natural resources.
Motivating Youth Programs – Nurturing children and supporting communities by working together to provide enriching activities for youth.

Our diverse programs serve residents of all ages, backgrounds and interests all with a simple common goal of creating a better Baltimore. We hope that you will explore be inspired to be more involved in your community.
For further information:


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