The Treetalker – news about, and views from the trees

Today’s news stories: NEW STUDY PREDICTS BEST TREES FOR WARMING MIDWEST CITIES, citing the Ginko Biloba, the world’s oldest species of tree, called a “living fossil,” as a good tree to plant in cities for the future.

also: ART TREES GROW IN THE ASPHALT JUNGLE  An art exhibition in took place in NY from July 10 through September 7, “Something About a Tree,” with trees as the subject.  Many well-known artists participate, including Michael Stipe, Charles Ray, Sarah Lucas, Giuseppe Penone, Tacita Dean, Rodney Graham and Zoe Leonard (Red Apples, 2002), as well as by a notable figure of the 1960s music scene, Rory McEwen, whose hyperrealist paintings are also on show at Kew Gardens in London (until 22 September).  Check out these stories at my website.


On my blog: National Geographic tells us about the newest “Oldest Tree,” found in Sweden in 2004.




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