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A little controversy, I think – 2 opposing articles on Genetically engineered trees. The first, from the Sierra Club. There were lots of others available, but they are well-spoken in their arguments; the second, reporting on the work being done to break down lingin (look it up) by researchers at the University of British Columbia and the U of Wisconsin-Madison. The scientists may be well-meaning, hoping their work will result in less pollution, but if they can manage to achieve their goals, then the paper/lumber industry will be replacing all the natural forests as fast as they can go with GMO trees, telling us it won’t make any difference. I can’t say I wish the researchers luck, but I think the outcome (on all levels) is inevitable, because big business, and rich people making more money for themselves, runs the world.



My blog gives another article from the Sierra Club about the Privatization of Genetic Wealth.

It may be past 1984, but it’s still a Brave New World, folks, and it ain’t goin’ away.



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