This week on The Treetalker

Saving Bees With Spider Venom?—Newcastle University researchers found combining the toxin from the Australian funnel web spider with a protein (lectin) from a snowdrop plant creates a biopesticide that is still fatal to common farm pests but would appear to have absolutely no effect on the bees, and previous studies have already shown that it is safe for higher animals.


Chile Scraps Huge Patagonia Dam Project After Years of Controversy—Chile’s government canceled a controversial plan for five dams on two of Patagonia’s wildest rivers Tuesday, after an eight-year battle between environmentalists and developers, overturning the environmental permits for the HidroAysén project, which would have put dams on the Baker and Pascua Rivers, flooding 5,900 hectares of land in order to generate hydroelectric power. These stories and more at my website.


and, oh yeah … I don’t mention this much, but I get a bit of “information” from a selected tree each week. You might want to check out what they have to say.



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