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Environmental News from The Treetalker

Oil Train Rule Cracks Down on Transport of Flammable Materials – Following a host of oil train derailments over the past year, the U.S. Department of Transportation has proposed regulatory changes to improve the safe transportation of large quantities of crude oil and ethanol by rail.

Federal Agencies Cut Greenhouse Gases, Increase Renewables – The federal government announced today that it has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent since 2008, the equivalent of permanently taking 1.8 million cars off the road, and that nine percent of federal government electricity is now from renewable sources.

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Pop-Up Books Make Environmental Science Easy-Peasy For Kids, by Melissa Pandika, for National Public Radio – “You can teach anything to children if you pitch it at the right level and use the right words,” says Christiane Dorion, a U.K.-based author. Dorion distills hefty environmental concepts into bite-sized, kid-friendly explanations. Along the way, whimsical pop-up spreads — complete with pull-tabs, flaps and booklets ­­— engage even the shortest attention spans.

General Mills is tackling climate change, because it’s a threat to the bottom line.The huge corporation released a new set of climate policies that Oxfam says makes it “the first major food and beverage company to promise to implement long-term science-based targets to cut emissions.” The policy states unequivocally that [they recognize] the risks that climate change presents to humanity, our environment and our livelihoods.

What I’ve Learned about Food and Sustainability, by Jason Clay, for World Wildlife Magazine

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