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New stories from The Treetalker

First, a 250 year old Bur oak gets moved at the Ann Arbor campus of the U of Michigan to make way for the expansion of the Ross Business School – controversial, because it was pricey to do, but in the immortal words of George Pope Morris, “Woodman, spare that tree!”


Also, a lovely slide show of the Bristlecone pine, photos courtesy of Linda and Dr. Dick Busher. Check out my website for that:

Also some additional stories you may find of interest:

A CSIRO test plant in Australia has broken a world record and proved solar power could efficiently replace fossil fuels. “… this step proves solar has the potential to compete with the peak performance capabilities of fossil fuel sources,” says Dr. Alex Wonhas, CSIRO’s Energy Director.

orchard2Research is being done to ascertain the role of various antibiotic-producing soil microbes in the composition and variety of tree species in tropical rainforests.

And—seems to be catching on, this— The U of Pennsylvania community is coming together to plant a campus orchard. These guys aren’t the first, and hopefully won’t be the last.


One thought on “New stories from The Treetalker

  1. Elise says:

    great pictures! trees are important to life. by the way: I Never Had ANY Real Friends, in Washington State, many years ago, and They certainly Aren’t My Friends Now, the way They have been possibly cyber Abusing Me online, for More than three years now, maybe even More than that, If it Is actually Any of Them, that actually Knew Me in Washington State, many years ago, like All of Their crazy emails to Me, say That They Are! (yeah, right, whatever) (I really Believe Those Emails!) NOT! no maybe about That! what’s really sad, is that I actually Care More about some bug crawling across My floor here in Texas tonight, than I do, about the people who said They used to Know Me in Washington State, many years ago, again, If it is Actually Them, who have been emailing Me, for More than three years, or maybe More than that! isn’t that just Sad?!?! They seem to NEED Me, More than I NEED Them! I Don’t Really Care, I Don’t.


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