Treetalker Stories for Nov 15

Three stories this week: _77763865_777591091st, Liberia is to become the first nation in Africa to completely stop cutting down its trees – Norway will pay the impoverished country $150 million to stop deforestation by 2020. (BBC)


Next, The American Chestnut Foundation and the State University of New York’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry have BOTH taken on the challenge of returning the American chestnut to North American Forests, albeit in their own unique ways. It’s a good story. Check out my website and links to find out more.

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Lastly – as I’ve said before, the greening of the cities by planting fruit and nut trees for the benefit of the citizenry is an up and coming idea. Another example is happening in Davenport, Iowa. Christened the Quad-Cities Community Food Forest, it will contain pawpaw (the poor man’s banana!) American persimmon, chestnut (probably not the American species) and pecan. What a great idea – keep it up, America!!



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