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Environmental and Tree News/The Treetalker

Lotsa stories this week: First, an Indonesian project, funded by the Dutch branch of Oxfam, is helping survivors of the Dec 26, 2004 Tsunami to plant Mangroves and Casuarina trees along vulnerable coastlines, which is hoped will protect residents from future disaster, revive nature and improve local livelihoods.

Indonesian Mangrove forest/photo:Eric Guinther

Indonesian Mangrove forest/photo:Eric Guinther


Rainforest Rescue, funded by the Arbor Day Foundation, is working with locals in Madagascar to implement reforestation, which will also help wildlife. They gather fruit seeds that have been partially digested by lemurs, planting them in nurseries for eventual replanting.

The Nature Conservancy of Tennessee has partnered with Nashville’s Metro Parks to install custom tree signs in Centennial Park that have scanable QR codes and web addresses where you can go directly to a video of a Nashville music artist, telling you about that type of tree and why it’s important to us. Including Reba MacEntire, Will Hoge, Big Kenny.

John Partipilo/The Tennessean

John Partipilo/The Tennessean

Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen is funding a lawsuit against the Dept. of the Interior. The suit claims that allowing coal mining companies to do business on public lands without considering the environmental ramifications of doing so violates the National Environmental Policy Act.

photo: Associated Press

photo: Associated Press

The Lima, Peru climate summit talks have continued past the dates of the conference. They aim to advance a new global treaty, but the talks have been hampered by the “rich nation/poor nation issue. US’s John Kerry says, “No country should have a free pass.”

photo: Reuters

photo: Reuters

And last, but not least—for me, anyway, since my books are all about what the trees have to say . . .

Plants Can Hear You! – a video with Trace Dominguez/Discovery News from March, 2013, talking about research that has shown that plants can not only hear you, but feel you, smell you, and remember things. (So vegetarians aren’t so kind after all!)


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