Taos, NM

Bio: Long-time artist; newbie writer, having published first two books, third about to go to the printer, and work begun on the fourth. Non-confrontational environmentalist. Exploring the world of aging, hopefully gracefully. Came to live near Taos, NM, USA in 1997, where I built an off-grid straw bale house at least partially by myself. Not so great at laying slab or putting on roofs. At the moment, there are 2 cats here with me. I don't let them out, cause they eat everything that won't eat them first, and it's just too brutal. My books are a series of books about trees of North America. Not just the physicality of them, but their views on life and their place in the world. I'm a cusp (Taurus/Gemini) and truly am of two minds about whether we're going to make it into another century. So I try to stay positive about the news, although it's getting more difficult all the time. One bright spot is the messages from the trees, which are unfailingly zen. They are great teachers, and do keep me from going the depression route, cause I don't believe anger/blame/futility from me is going to make the world a better place.

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