Taos, NM

Bio: Long-time artist; newbie writer, having published first book, working on second. Non-confrontational environmentalist. Exploring the world of aging, hopefully gracefully. Came to live near Taos, NM, USA in 1997, where I built an off-grid straw bale house at least partially by myself. Not so great at laying slab or putting on roofs. At the moment, there are 5 cats here with me. I don't let them out, cause they eat everything that won't eat them first, and it's just too brutal. I'm in the middle (literally) of doing a series of books about trees of North America. Not just the physicality of them, but their views on life and their place in the world. I'm a cusp (Taurus/Gemini) and truly am of two minds about whether we're going to make it into another century. So I try to stay positive about the news stories I report and the messages from the trees, cause I don't believe anger/blame/futility from me is going to make the world a better place.

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