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Positive news about Trees and the Environment

Wolverines making comeback in Washington – the state transportation department is spending millions on crossing structures, both over and underneath busy I-90, which will allow the animals to expand their range, which will give them greater mating options and genetic diversity. The crossings would likely also restore connectivity for the Cascades’ northern and southern black bear populations, which haven’t been able to mingle or mate easily for decades.

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Scientists Seeking to Save World Find Best Technology Is Trees – Oxford University scientists, who considered methods ranging from capturing emissions from factories and power stations to extracting carbon dioxide directly from the air, and adding lime to oceans to increase their absorption of the gas, released a study which determined the best technology to suck carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and try to reverse global warming is trees. (Duh.)

Suzanna Gonzales:Bloomberg
Community Energy: Power from the People – Community energy initiatives based on local renewable resources are now emerging across the country. While these projects take a variety of forms, such as wind, solar, hydropower and biogas, one common element is local ownership.

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The “Wind Tree,” an extremely quiet, 3-meter-tall generator designed for urban environments, created by French company NewWind, makes the most of smaller air currents. The “leaves” are mini turbines and together could power 15 streetlights. (posted previously, but worth mentioning again.)

Paris accueille L'Arbre à Vent2