The Treetalker

This week I’m doing something different.  

Today it’s all one subject – Penjing – the ancient Chinese art of depicting trees, other plants, and natural landscapes in miniature. It is the predecessor of Bonsai. The word literally means “tray scenery,” and is often referred to as three-dimensional poetry. It can take three forms:

First, Tree Penjing, focusing on one or more trees and other plants in a container, shaped by trimming, pruning and wiring. Second, Landscape Penjing, which involves the careful selection and shaping of rocks, which are usually placed in a container in contact with water. The composition also contains small live plants. Third, Water and Land Penjing, combining the first two styles, it has the option of including figures and structures. The featured picture, artist unknown, is of the second style. You may find more information on the philosophy, history and styles, and links to blogs and websites here.



I freely admit I’ve posted many photos on the referred-to website, without credits.  Sorry, and I hope no-one is truly offended.